Go Google, go …

Some three years ago I tried QuickOffice and after a short while the frustration of the poor integration between the applications and my email client had me move back to Office 2003.

In recent years I moved to Office 2010 and its ability to handle multiple exchange accounts and pop accounts, superb but the calendar still needed some attention as despite the ability to accomodate multiple Exchange accounts the calendars remained apart. However, with my Windows Mobile phone and its full understanding of Powerpoint, Excel, Word, SharePoint, multiple Exchange accounts including multiple calendars I am now impressed and certain that the Microsoft future is strong. So much so that in earlier posts I shouted to Google to wake up … well it seems they either were ahead of me or read the post.


However, I am still not sure they get the full picture. Its not about just mobile, its not about just on the web, its not about just on the PC its about the whole picture. The inclusion of an email client, a calendar that can handle multiple sources, the spreadsheet is able to input into the presentation application or the document application and the whole lot can either be hosted offsite via the cloud or resident in house.

RIM had it right, they added an Outlook client that enabled the Exchange user to stay in contact with their email and calendar while on the road. Accepting an email invitation to a meeting as a calendar entry was easy and it appeared in the calendar regardless of where it was accepted. The POP or IMAP calendara are single destination and then you have to add something like CompanionLink to capture Outlook to Android, etc. Of course, if you used Google Calendar and Docs and an Android phone all was well, until you arrived at your PC. … OK, many have a laptop and only use that laptop, in which case its easy. However, if your a multi-device person then the nightmare of keeping it all together became the world of geekdom.

Of course, RIM should not have stopped. Once Microsoft sorted out the Exchange interface then the RIM value struggled, Outlook Web Access (owa) enabled a whole bunch of other mobile devices to get to the Exchange email system, even Apple.

Now, its cool that Google have the culture that is not founded on NIH, they have bought a company that has a near professional tool set as they realised their set was not quite finished and they were not sure how to get it there. However, they also need to have PC based tools and they need to have the inclusion of the email client in with the mix of tools.

A simple case, build a spreadsheet of the companies financial numbers for this quarter in comparision with the past four quarters, make it into a graph after pivoting into regional data and then past that as a picture into your email client for your manager to take a look. On agreement then take the graph and paste it as a picture into a presentation. In Office 2010 you only need to think about the data you are moving around, with all the other tools a battle engages that may even need Help or dare I say, the manual.


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