The end of the PC is nigh!

In 2007 I had a vision, a mobile phone with cloud based Office through a browser with a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless Display Path to a 24″ wide screen using LTE as the WAN to enable usability. At the time I was at AMD, the reason for 4-core PC’s was in question and the ATI gpu performance heading to new heights.

We are now in 2013, Android leads the mobile computing space followed by iOS and then a weak Windows. The PC is in decline, double digit decline.

Then I found the Mozilla Seabird, a smartphone that projects a keyboard onto the desk and projects a 24″ screen onto a wall … If they provide access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint along with Exchange email then it will truly be over, the reason for being of the traditional PC will have gone.

The CPU of old will be in the hosted servers, the place I recommended the focus should be for high-performance multi-core and the GPU in the gaming console. The rest of technology will be in the phone, although the intelligent network is likely to demand processor cycles too.

I had not thought of projecting keyboard and screen, well done Mozilla to visualising that next step.

HTC, Nokia, get on board quickly and get that competitive edge against Samsung and Apple.


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